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Grow Up and Get Yourself a Good Makeup Brush Set

foundation powder with makeup brush and jewels

Your mineral makeup application will only be as good as the tools you have to work with; those tools are your makeup brushes

I'm going to get a bit sassy here.

I hope you know I have your best interest at heart!

So, let's get real. If I came into your bathroom and perused through your makeup drawer, what would I find?

What makeup tools are you using?

What are you using for your eye shadow applicators? Did they come in an old eyeshadow compact; you know, those little plastic sponge applicators?

My goodness. No wonder you don't enjoy putting on eye shadow.

What about your blush brush? Are you using some teeny tiny brush that also came in a blush compact?

Do you have a variety of eye shadow applicators, or just those little sponge do-hckeys?

Do you have a concealer brush? A foundation brush? A powder brush? How's that working for you?

Let's get you set up properly.

Grown up girl basic mineral makeup brush set

  • Foundation Air Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Double Sided Angle Brush
Advanced grown up girl mineral makeup brush set
  • Foundation Air Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Bronzer Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Fluffy Angled Brush
  • Eye Liner Brush
  • Eye Crease Brush
  • Travel Brush Set

Start small.

Add a new quality brush as you can.

Ditch the freebies.

And the ones you have had since junior high school.

You will be pleasantly surprised what a difference a good makeup brush can make in your day.