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Sweat It Off

Sweat It Off


What stays on better? Powder makeup or liquid? Mineral powder makeup for sure!

While working with a makeup artist who was doing a demonstration for stage makeup with a group of dancers, this question came up from one of the dancers: "Should I wear a powder or liquid on stage? Which will last longer?" Her answer? "I would wear a liquid, perhaps with a powder on top. Powder tends to 'sweat' off".

Wait. What? Powder tends to sweat off? Let's clarify this a bit. That is old school information. If we are talking about mineral makeup... Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, a high quality mineral makeup will stay on better than any liquid foundation. All by itself.

I brought it up on Facebook, with this comment: "A true mineral makeup will not 'sweat off' while dancing or during intense exercise. That is old school advise. Quite the contrary, minerals 'stick' until YOU remove them. Go ahead. Dance. Swim. Hike. Like crazy." and this is what Kerrie K. had to say:  "An hour of hot yoga yesterday and it was all still right where I put it ."  You can't beat that!

I'll say it again. Go ahead. Dance. Ski. Take your hot yoga class. Swim, in fact. Your mineral makeup will stay where you put it. 


Simple Beauty Minerals. Always 100% Guaranteed.

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