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Cold Weather Skincare Tips

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The Change of Season brings change to our skin, and your skincare ritual needs to change along with it.

As the colder months approach, it’s important to be mindful of your skincare regimens and switch things up as needed.

gentle exfoliants for cold weather skin care


Say no to dry, sensitive skin and chapped lips, and yes to some extra pampering and protecting! 

Here are our top tips for your Fall and Winter skin care routines

Simple Beauty Minerals - Olive Oil Light Lotion

1. You may need to up-level your moisture levels

Make sure to remember your moisturizer both in the morning and before bed, & that goes for your eye and lip area as well.

It’s super important in colder, drier weather to keep your skin adequately moisturized, so don’t skimp in this department.

If you're using Pomegranate Balancing Lotion, bump up to Light Olive Oil Lotion. 

Olive Oil Lotion can be bumped up to Whipped Olive Oil Creme. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Olive Oil Light Lotion and Pure Bliss Eye Creme

2. Exfoliants are your BFF

One of the best ways to combat dry skin and make sure that your moisturizer is able to really work its magic is to make sure the layers of dry, dead skin have been properly exfoliated. 

You may need to exfoliate less during the winter months, so again, be mindful of what your skin is telling you. 

The key to a good facial exfoliant is finding the right balance between effective yet gentle– and the good news is we’ve got you covered with both our physical scrub Jojoba Creme Scrub and our chemical, leave on exfoliants Radiance Reveal Exfoliant & Clear Skin Serum. 

They all work to gently yet thoroughly exfoliate your skin to reveal the soft, radiant skin below– the Jojoba Creme Scrub can double as your face wash and lets you manually work off the dry, dead skin with little beads of jojoba wax whereas the Radiance Reveal Exfoliant & Clear Skin Serum works as a chemical- yet plant-based- solution that gently removes the dead skin build up over a period of time when applied regularly.

In others words, we've definitely got you covered on all fronts where exfoliating is concerned! 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Jojoba Creme Scrub and Radiance Reveal Exfoliant

3. Don’t forget your lips!

Sometimes our lips can end up taking quite the beating from the harsher weather conditions, becoming chapped and sore (and no fun to wear lipstick over!).

Luckily, this is super easy to both remedy and to prevent.

Carrying a soothing and nourishing lip balm like our Organic Lavender Lip Balm along to apply throughout the day can help to make sure your lips stay smooth and hydrated no matter the weather.

At night, slather this on, and wake up with hydrated, moist lips.

And if your lips are already chapped (or just need a little extra TLC) you can check out our super easy DIY lip scrub recipe!

Cold Weather Skincare Tips | Simple Beauty Minerals

4. As always, sunscreen reigns supreme

Just because Summer’s over doesn’t mean the sun’s harmful rays have gone away!

It’s just as important as ever to apply your SPF daily to prevent skin damage and protect your skin.

Find my top sunscreen recommendations here. 

Mineral makeup bonus? Every layer of Simple Beauty Minerals Mineral Foundation you apply adds in an extra little punch of sun protection!

 woman holding hot drink with lemon slice | hydration for winter skin | simple beauty minerals

5. Stay hydrated!!

This one gets two exclamation marks because it is Just. That. Important.

During the colder weather months it can be easy to forget to drink water than it is in the Summer when it is hot and a cold glass of water is basically heaven– plus not only do we not notice our thirst levels as much when it’s cooler outside, but it can also be tempting to skip water altogether for a mug of hot cocoa when we do want something to drink.

There is no substitute for water (and lot's of it) when it comes to the healthy glow of skin for staying hydrated though, so finding ways to work it into your day is vital.

One of my favorite tips for this? If you are craving a warm drink, try some brewing warm herbal tea (or another favorite!) that you can enjoy while helping to reach your daily recommended water intake at the same time– two birds with one mug?

Read more on how to Winterize Your Skin Here.  

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