How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro

October 23, 2018 3 min read

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro


How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

How to apply mascara like a pro; but not just any mascara - healthy mascara.

We want to share our two amazingly healthy mascaras with you, along with our favorite mascara beauty tips to help you get those long, glam lashes without compromising healthy, wholesome ingredients!

One Coat, Two Coat, Three Coat, Four!

These mascaras are formulated to give you defined, luscious, long lashes– one coat will keep it looking clean and natural, and two (or three or four!) coats will add some extra fullness to your lash routine! The best part about these mascaras is that unlike many traditional products, they won’t clump even after multiple coats, so you can keep going back for more until you achieve your desired lookwithout fear of giving yourself cake-y, clumpy lashes (which are just no fun!).


I had the opportunity to use my friends Chloe and Yannibeth as “models” for this weeks tutorial, and created a full makeup look on them before we applied the mascara just for funsies– they are both showcasing mineral eye shadow looks created with the “In The Buff” Mineral Eye Shadow Stacker– you’ve got to have some gorgeous shadow to go along with your gorgeous mascara, right? Ok– Without any further ado, let’s jump into the tutorial!

Glamorous and Bold

Chloe and I wanted to go for a more glamorous, bold lash look, so we chose to use multiple coats of the Black Magic Natural Mascara which layers beautifully for a look that really brings the drama!

TIP: Curl Those Lashes Chloe has super straight lashes, so we used an eyelash curler before applying the mascara.

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

 We layered about three coats on the upper lashes, taking a little extra time to define the ends before adding a quick coat to her bottom lashes.

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

 TIP: Two Dips is IT We used all the product from the first “dip” on the lashes for the first two coats, and then dipped the wand a second time for more product to really define and complete the look with the third and final coat. The end result looked stunning on Chloe’s gorgeous dark lashes!

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

 It really gave her that added length and definition that we wanted with the look, and I was impressed by how beautifully the product glided on and refused to clump even as we worked multiple layers onto her lashes (as I continually am by this mascara’s incredible feat…)!

Everyday Natural

Yannibeth wanted a slightly more natural look, so instead of opting for multiple coats, we decided to use just one coat of mascara– but to make it really count! We used the Blackberry Ultimate Healthy Mascara – first of all, immediately upon opening this mascara all of us had to run over and obsess over the truly luscious scent– it smells like the sweetest, ripest blackberry jam… incredible!

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

   Then, we got down to business. TIP: Use the Tip to Start First, I used the tip of the wand to apply a good amount of product near the lash line on her upper lashes.


How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

 TIP: Use the Wand to Comb Once I was satisfied with the distribution of the product, I used the wand to “comb” the product up and through her lashes, really working it in until it was evenly spread throughout. If you wanted to use multiple coats, you could get a similar effect to this simply by adding multiple layers of product, but this gave us a quick and easy way to controlexactlyhow much product we wanted distributed through the lashes in one go. Yannibeth’s look turned out so pretty! It has that effortless, simple beauty that we love so much– and everything smelled like blackberries while we were applying it! It was a win-win-win!

How To Apply Healthy Mascara Like A Pro | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Personally, I love both mascaras and use them all the time! If there’s one beauty product that I apply in the morning before running off to work or school, it has always been mascara– and I love that I can confidently use these products knowing that they will hold up to both the challenge of a long day and the first-class ingredient standard that SBM is committed to in all our products, keeping my lashes truly happy!


 Til next time, xx Abby

Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily engaged, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.  

A Note From Lisa: In the midst of planning her wedding to her college sweetheart, Abby is busy writing blog posts for us! Thank you so much lovely  Abby - we are all grateful for you!

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