How To Apply & Wear Sunscreen

October 23, 2018 3 min read

How To Apply & Wear Sunscreen

Keep your skin looking younger, longer - learn how to apply sunscreen, effectively.

Why do you want to learn how to apply sunscreen in the best way possible?

Proper sunscreen application can:
  • Keep your skin looking younger, longer.
  • Prevent the onset of early skin aging.
  • And not least of all, minimize your risk of skin cancer.

Damage, most of which is caused by the sun.

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Up to a full 80% of skin aging is actually, sun damage. I'll say that again. Up to 80% of the aging we see on our skin, is due to sun exposure. The daily, in and out cumulative effect. 80 Percent! Research has shown that sun damage begins the minute you are exposed to daylight. Notice,... I did not say sun light; I said DAY light. From sun - up. To sun - down. Sunny day, or cloud cover. The UV rays come through.

If you don't know how and when to apply your sunscreen, you won't get the protection the label promises.

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How To Apply Sunscreen

Use an SPF of 30 or greater. In the amount of a nickel size dollop for your face alone. Don't stop there - continue on to your neck, chest, hands and your forearms. These areas show the early skin aging the soonest. Or, 2 Tablespoons for your entire body. Right on over your lips. Lip skin is very sensitive, and needs our protection. You also want to pay attention and protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.  Feel free to try your sunscreen on your eye lid and under your eye, but if you experience stinging, simply use your mineral foundation and concealer with natural sunscreen for that area as they contain natural sunscreen. 

Repeat This Process

Every moment of daylight. Everyday upon waking. It will be your final step in your daytime skin care routine. Do not apply any skin care product over it, as it can dilute the SPF protection. (Your makeup is a different story, it goes right on after sunscreen). In fact, It may be the only moisturizer you need during the daylight hours. Wait for your sunscreen to soak in, before you get dressed or your clothes will rub it right off.


Mineral Makeup Sunscreen Bonus! Layer Your Sunscreen

Every layer of SBM makeup acts as another layer of sunscreen protection, due to two key ingredients: Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide; both natural physical sun protectants.
  • Eye Shadow
  • Primer and Concealer
  • Blush
  • Finish Powder
  • Lipstick (the more opaque the lipstick, the more sun protection)

Antioxidants For Further Protection

Be sure to wear an antioxidant rich serum or treatment underneath your sunscreen for an extra skin - loving boost; and to further protect your skin from environmental damage.  Antioxidants can actually increase the sunscreens ability to shield your skin from the UV's damaging rays.


Indoors All Day?

Know this: the sun's rays reach through glass, and some indoor lighting can shed UV rays - so don't skimp. Ever. Because. Sun damage is cumulative.


Outside All Day?

You MUST (I can not stress this enough) reapply during the day. Every 2 hours.


Speaking of Reapplying

Reapply to your hands when you wash your hands. I keep a tube in my purse, and at my kitchen sink. Need a good sunscreen recommendation?


One Last Thing

Even if you are diligent with your sunscreen - 3 to 6% of the sun's rays make it through to your skin. Which may not be enough to get adequate levels of Vitamin D. Take your vitamin D.  Daily. And, as much as I believe in diligent sunscreen coverage, I also keep my ear to the ground for the debate over the covering up with sun protection to protect against skin cancer and premature skin aging vs. the benefit of getting natural sunlight on our skin to increase vitamin D levels and protect against skin cancer. There is still much to learn. Answers will come - follow the science.

And if all this was not enough to convince you to protect your skin, I give you this...for your viewing pleasure:

How The Sun Sees You 

Be Pro-Active – You do have control over how your skin will age – it’s NOT all genetics. 

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