How To Use A Nighttime Mineral Treatment

October 23, 2018 1 min read

How To Use A Nighttime Mineral Treatment

Embellish Pro-Aging Nighttime Mineral Treatment | Simple Beauty Minerals


I am so pleased to be able to bring you SBM Embellish Pro-Aging Nighttime Mineral Treatment! I have heard from many of you and know that you are eager to try it. Yet, I hear what you're saying...hard to get your head wrapped around a nighttime treatment powder. Right? Am I right? So, let's talk about just that, and see if we can clear up the mystery.

How do you use a nighttime mineral treatment powder?

Just as you would your mineral foundation, shake Embellish Nighttime Mineral Treatment Powder into the lid of your jar, and swirl your (dedicated) brush into the powder to pick up the minerals. Nestle the anti-aging minerals into the brush so they don't fly away, by tapping the end of the brush lightly on the counter. Now, apply. Buff and swirl your brush on your face, eye area, neck and throat. Repeat 2 to 3 times for coverage. You will do this as the very last step in your nighttime routine. In fact, you can use this in place of your moisturizer, depending on your skin. Try it and see how it feels. I personally, use my Whipped Olive Oil Creme (with Frankincense added) and allow my creme to soak in, before I apply my Embellish Powder. (Go put your jammies on in between). Which brush to use? We recommend our Flat Top Buffer Brush. 

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