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How To Wear Brights (with video)

Bright Eyeshadows -

There’s no reason to be afraid of rocking a bright makeup look– especially if it’s the application you are worried about.

Applying brights is a piece of cake, and results in a totally fun and fresh look that will add a little extra fun and pizazz to your style! Read on for our favorite ways to easily incorporate brighter and bolder colors into your makeup routine that are perfect for both beginners, and even seasoned make-up pros alike…  

Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights  

5 Easy Tips To Wearing Brights

  1. Applying a little bit of a bright color all over your eyelid in a soft, diffused look is an easy way to test out and get comfortable with wearing brighter shades. This is super simple to do, and flatters so many different styles that the possibilities are practically endless! For this one, you will want to use a fluffy blending brush such as the Mini Fluff or Fluffy Eye Shading Brush to apply a small amount of your chosen color all over your lid, and buff it out into an easy, soft look.
Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear BrightsSimple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights
  1. Pair a neutral with a bright pop of color. One of my favorite ways to wear brights is to pair a bolder color with a softer color or a neutral to keep the look clean and simple while adding a bit of dimension at the same time. A bright purple (Groovin' Grape)  paired with a softer pink or brown. A bright blue (Blastin' Blue) paired with a softer grey. A bright orange (Tangerine) paired with a softer bronze or brown. The options are as limitless as your imagination and so fun to play with! Applying the softer color all over your lid and then focusing the brighter shade for a fun pop of color on the outer third of your eyelid is one easy and fun way to incorporate both shades into your look. Just be sure that when blending out both shades you don’t mix them together completely! And you can always re-apply a bit of the bright to refresh the pop of color as a finishing touch.

Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights

 Pictured: Hot Cocoa Mineral Eyeshadow Paired with Tangerine Mineral Eye Shadow  

  1. Smoking out your lower lashes with a pop of color is another fun and easy way to wear brights! You can add this into a look already featuring brights (like two one above) or add it to a more neutral look. It’s even fun all on its own! And a precise angled brush like our Double Sided Angled Eye Shadow Brush is perfect for the job. Play around with it and see what suits your style best!
Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear BrightsSimple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights
  1. Apply brights as a liner to your top lash line. You can apply them dry and smoke them out for a softer look, or use the wet application method known as foiling to pack more of a saturated punch of color! This is another super fun and easy way to use brights to spice up a neutral look, or as mentioned above can be worn on its own as well.

Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights

Pictured: Double Sided Angled Eye Shadow Brush with Blastin' Blue Mineral Eye Shadow

  1. Opposites attract! Like we touched on in last week’s post, opposite colors truly do bring out the best in each other and really tend to highlight the other. The same holds true for bright eyeshadows! Wearing one color on your lid (for example, blue) and it’s opposite on your lower lash line (for example, orange) is a fun, bold way to play up both colors and really dazzle with your bright, colorful look

Simple Beauty Minerals - How To Wear Brights

   Embrace Color

These are just a few of our favorite ways to incorporate brights into our everyday look– from subtle to bold there are so many simple, easy, fun, ways to step outside of your neutrals comfort zone and embrace color… and you never know, while playing around and trying some new colors you might just find a new favorite look!  

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram.

Lisa's Notes: Have fun with these colors; they really can brighten your day, perk up your routine, and bring out your flair and style.

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