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In The Pink

In The Pink

Fun, juicy, merry, and bright–

Pink Sorbet Mineral Rich Lipstick is the perfect holiday treat for adding a little pop of color wherever you please into your wintertime festivities!

This warm bright pink shade is one of our two newest additions to the Mineral Rich Lipstick collection which features 7 shades of creamy, moisturizing, and totally gorgeous mineral lipsticks in our innovative dye-free formula.

Pink Sorbet Mineral Rich Lipstick -

 A Warm, Bright Pink

Pink Sorbet (a warm bright pink) is most similar in color to Pop of Pink (a cool bright pink), however side by side you can easily spot the difference between the two.

That said, Pink Sorbet is an especially perfect choice for you beauties with a warm skin tone!

Warm and Cool Pink Lipstick Swatch - Simple Beauty Minerals -

Pop of Pink & Pink Sorbet 

Choose YOUR Best Pink

I could definitely tell the difference between the way both shades complimented my cool skin tone– although they are both lovely, Pop of Pink really plays up my cool tones and made my skin really pop.

If you have a cool skin tone as well, I would recommend Pop of Pink as the bright pink shade for you!


Pop of Pink Dye Free Lipstick -

Pop of Pink Mineral Rich Lipstick (a cool, bright pink to go with Abby's cool skin tone!) 

Creamy and Soothing

As with all of our other Mineral Rich Lipsticks, Pink Sorbet is formulated with extra moisturizing and soothing ingredients to ensure your lips stay hydrated and soft, all the while making it a wonderful option for sensitive or dry lips (especially during the dryness of the winter season).

Plus, the dye-free formulation means you don’t need to worry about our lipsticks leaving your lips stained or irritated as the mineral pigments we use are gentle and safe along with all the other lip-loving ingredients (check out the full list of ingredients here!)


Mineral Rich Dye Free Lipstick -


A few more shades of Mineral Rich Lipstick (left to right: Nutmeg, Jazzed, Pink Jasmine, Pop of Pink, Scarlet)

Lips. Cheeks. Eyes. Really.

For my look I kept things simple and applied Pink Sorbet Mineral Rich Lipstick to my lips as well as my cheeks (just like you would apply a cream blush!), and finished everything off with a sweep of Bliss Mineral Eyeshadow across my lids with my Mini Fluff Brush and a few coats of mascara.

Warm Pink Lipstick -

Bright and Bold

With such a bright and bold lip, I love the look of keeping everything else super clean and simple– but you could absolutely add in a little extra drama with a winged eyeliner, mineral highlight, or a fun and festive eyeshadow look featuring one of our fabulous holiday mineral eyeshadow stackers!


simplebeautyminerals.comAbby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram


simplebeautyminerals.comLisa's Notes: I love how Abby showcases the warm vs. cool undertones of our Pink Lipsticks. Not sure of your undertone? Just ask.