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Breezy and Romantic - Featuring Iris Mineral Eyeshadow

Iris Blue Purple Eyeshadow -

 A fresh, ethereal, and absolutely lovely blue-grey purple eye look to start the year off right.

Iris Mineral Eyeshadow.

In today’s post, we are highlighting one of our most gorgeous and most favorite purples here at the Simple Beauty Blog– Iris Mineral Eyeshadow! 

This beautiful purple mineral eye shadow features a subtle shimmer and notes of soft blue and grey for a truly stunning overall finish.

Iris Mineral Eyeshadow -

Pair it With...

Easily paired with silvers, purples, and blues, Iris is a wonderful choice for pairing with other colors to create new looks, for a sophisticated, elegant, lightly frosted purple eye when worn all alone.

Who Can Wear it Best?

While this gorgeous light purple shadow is especially complementary when worn on blue eyes, it will look beautiful on green or brown eyes as well.

Beautiful on soft, muted, cool skin tones. 

Add Intensity

For a more intense purple color it can be applied wet using the foiling method: mix a tiny drop or two of water with some loose eyeshadow powder in the lid of your eyeshadow pot (add more eyeshadow the more intense you desire the color to be) and then apply it wet onto your eyelids with a patting technique using the brush to pick up some of the wet eyeshadow and press it onto your lid rather than swiping it for the most color payoff.

Breezy and Romantic - Featuring Iris Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

Lower Lash Line

Remember to apply some color to your lower lash line as well!

When creating a colorful eye look a little pop of color on your lower lash line will make sure the overall effect  is balanced with the color on your eyelid and create a complete look.

Simply drag a little bit of your desired eyeshadow color along your lower lash line with your brush to achieve your desired look.

Breezy and Romantic

I chose to pair Iris Mineral Eye Shadow with Red Plum Mineral Shadow for a simple, light and breezy romantic purple look.

After applying my foundation I used my Eye Shading Brush to pack the inner half of my eyelid with Iris Mineral Shadow, then picking up just a little bit more eyeshadow on the tip of the brush I added a little color to my lower lash line by dragging the brush across to leave a little smudge of color.

Breezy and Romantic - Featuring Iris Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Add Red Plum 

Using Red Plum Mineral Shadow and my Fluffy Eye Shading Brush added a touch of soft color into the outer half of my eyelid, blending up and into my crease as I went.

Blend, Blend, Blend

One of the most important things to keep in mind when applying your eyeshadow is to make sure you blend everything upwards rather than downwards– the ultimate goal is to pull everything up on your face rather than drag everything down and create a droopy effect, and by focusing on blending up and out when adding shadow near your crease or outer lid you can make sure you aren’t creating a look that will weigh your face down! 

Breezy and Romantic - Featuring Iris Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Complete Your Look

To finish off this quick and simple look I added a few coats of mascara, dusted a touch of Rosalee Cheek Color onto my cheeks, and wrapped it up by adding a little Berry Blush Two in One Cream Crayon to my lips and then blending it out with my finger for a soft wash of lip color to complete this easy, natural look!

Breezy and Romantic - Featuring Iris Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals




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