Sweet, Soft And Romantic

October 23, 2018 4 min read

Sweet, Soft And Romantic

Sweet, Soft and Romantic Makeup Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals

Valentine's Day– the perfect reason to get all dolled up, the perfect excuse to go all-out pink everything - the perfect time for a Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial.

And oh yes, it's also the perfect time to "accidentally" drop in a few too many Valentine's decorations into your shopping cart in the dollar section at Target. And everywhere in Target (or is it just me...? That store has magical hypnotic powers, I swear.) I love getting really into the Valentine's spirit. We have hearts covering our apartment right now– a heart-shaped candle, a big red heart dish for the keys, be-hearted mugs, a big wooden heart... I think you get the picture! I just love how fabulous and pink and red it all is.

Shimmery, Soft, Pretty and Pink

When I think of February, I think of shimmery, soft, pretty, pink makeup– and it's been inspiring me to play around with some more colorful makeup looks that incorporate those gorgeous pink and berry tones. I know a classic red lip is always popular for Valentine's day, but I've just been so in love with the softer, dreamier take on it lately! This look is romantic, soft, and feminine– it's soft shimmer and hint of color add the perfect little something "extra" for a candlelit Valentine's day dinner, Valentine's picnic, party, or even a "Galentines" get-together with your best girlfriends! It's one of my favorites– and I know you'll love it as much as I do!
Here's what you'll need:
Deep Earth Brow Powder with Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals


Step 1: Eyes!

Begin with your base layer of a deep, neutral brown by mixing my Deep Earth Brow Powder with Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow, and then blending it all over your lids.
Deep Earth Brow Powder with Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals
Then, load up a blending brush with Red Plum Mineral Eyeshadow, and layer it on top, across the full lid again. Don't be shy with this step! Make sure you get enough color to show through and compliment the brown base. It will be very shimmery and have a beautiful, deep reddish/plummish tone through out– (hmm, maybe that's why it's called "Red Plum"! ;) ) Next, complete the eyeshadows by highlighting your brow bone and blending down and out a little further with the Glimmer Goddess Mineral Bronzer. Even though it's a "bronzer" it can totally double for an eyeshadow! This last step really pulls the look together and gives a gorgeous dimension to it all.
Deep Earth Brow Powder with Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow + Red Plum Mineral Eyeshadow | Simple Beauty Minerals
Last but not least, line your waterline with the Ebony Black Mineral Eyeliner Pencil, then apply a thin line of the Soft Black Mineral Liner using the wet application method to your upper lash line to give your eyes the extra definition.
Give oomph to your lashes with the Blackberry Ultimate Healthy Mascara. (If you want some in-depth tips and tricks for applying our healthy mascaras, check out this blog post I wrote back in October, "How to Apply Healthy Mascara Like a Pro"!)

Step 2: Face!

Apply a healthy dose of Sumptuous Shimmer Cheek Color to the apples of your cheeks, and blend away towards your temples. Easy peasy! I chose Sumptuous because the shade is quite similar to the Red Plum Mineral Eyeshadow – I think it helps bring out the color, and compliments it really beautifully!
Sweet, Soft and Romantic Makeup Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals


Step 3: Lips!

For lips, try Mauvelous Mineral Organic Lipgloss– and let me just tell you, this gloss is incredible. Life-changing, really. My number one pet peeve? Sticky lips! Ugh! So many natural lip glosses I have tried– while so pretty– are totally sticky... and I just can't do it! Mauvelous is silky smooth– it feels like putting a creamy lip balm on your lips... except it looks like a shiny, gorgeous lipgloss! Win, win, win! Also, the pigmentation is beautiful. It's not too sheer, and you can wear it alone and still get excellent color pay-off. I chose Mauvelous because it's berry hue, which, again, compliments the cheek and eye colors really nicely!
Sweet, Soft and Romantic Makeup Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals
And, there you have it! Our sweet and soft and girly and shimmery Valentine's day look!
I've been wearing variations on this all week, and I honestly do love it. It's just neutral enough that I can run errands or go about my day without feeling too done-up, but it's just sweet and special enough to make me feel oh-so romantic and shimmery... which I just adore!
Sweet, Soft and Romantic Makeup Tutorial | Simple Beauty Minerals


Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily married to all 6 ½ feet of her wonderful husband, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.
A note from Lisa: I can recall several Valentine's Day Parties that Abby's mom and I hosted for our beautiful (now grown!) kids - and they were oh-so-very pink! 

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