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Love Those Hands, Throats and Necklines (With Video)

Love Those Hands, Throats and Necklines (With Video)


[Updated 2019]

Remember to love up your hands and décolleté when you are caring for your skin. 

With so much focus on the face when it comes to pro-aging skin care, it can be easy to simply overlook or forget about other key areas of skin, such as your hands and décolleté.

Including these key areas in your daily skincare routine is oh-so-easy to do though, and it makes such a huge difference in how you feel and look on a daily basis. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Radiance Reveal and CLear Skin Serum - Hands Age Spots -

Premature signs of aging such as discoloration, texture, and thinning of skin, tend to show up on the hands, throat, and neckline just like they can on your face– and yet these areas are often skipped over.

Simple Steps to Improve Your Skin

Use these quick, simple tips to spread the love around and make sure your hands, throat, and neckline are getting all the attention and care they deserve. 

Hands Age Spots -

First Step - Exfoliate For The Smooth

You love how your exfoliants keep your facial skin glowing and improve it's texture.

So, when you use your leave on exfoliant such as Radiance Revealor your gentle physical exfoliant such as  Jojoba Creme Scrub to your face, keep going!

Exfoliate your hands, throat, and chest too.

One pump for your face. 

One pump for your neck and chest. 

One pump for both hands. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Jojoba Creme Scrub

Your Treatment Serums Are Not Just For Your Face

Take that serum you apply so lovingly to your face on down to your beautiful neck, and chest area too. And hands. Of course. Hands. 

Our Resveratrol Peptide Complex Serum, Vitamin C Serum and Bright On Brightening Facial Serumalso give the same pro-aging and restorative benefits to your hands and décolleté as they do on your face– so be sure to continue on. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Clear Skin Serum

Moisturize Plus 


Sun Protection!

Your final step is to apply a moisturizing sunscreen, preferably water resistant on your hands.

Reapply during the day. 

Carry a small tube in your purse. 

I like to keep sunscreen handy next to her sink so that I can easily re-apply it throughout the day after washing my hands, or even just as a simple reminder as needed!

Making sure to apply sunscreen to throughout the day is one of the biggest ways to prevent skin damage, discoloration, and premature aging.

(You can read more about the difference between mineral  and chemical sunscreens, how to avoid a white cast, and how up to 80% of skin aging is actually sun damage from this previous Simple Beauty Blog post here!)



With concentrated treatments like our Behave 1% Retinol Moisture Creme your hands, throat, neckline, and chest will reap all the same major benefits as when your use it on your face, and will surely thank you for the extra love and skin care boost.

Retinol has been proven time and again to improve and build collagen in your skin - thus helping your skin's texture. 

If you use a prescription Retin A, use Behave 1% Moisture Creme on your hands and forearms to get the fab benefits of OTC retinol with out the hefty dear price tag of your prescription. Save that for your face. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Clear Skin Serum and Radiance Reveal

So Simple! And yet, are you doing it?

This will pay off in a big, beautiful way down the road.


Start today.

You will thank us.

Simple Beauty Minerals - skincare

For more information watch Lisa talk with you via a Facebook Live replay on the very same topic. 

Simple Methods To Improve The Look of Your Hands, Neck and Throat