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Magnify Your Beauty (With Video)

Magnify Your Beauty (With Video)

An LED lighted makeup magnifying mirror is the essential tool for women who wear eyeglasses.

The ideal light for makeup application to magnify your beauty!

Magnifying mirrors are designed for women who wear eyeglasses. That's you and me, babe!

It answers the question "How do I apply my makeup with glasses on, that I need to wear to actually see my makeup application?"

Enter the lighted magnifying makeup mirror

Try to match your eyeglass prescription when choosing the strength of your magnifying mirror. 

You can choose a mirror anywhere from a 3X to a 15X. 

Keep in mind that this tool can also has a downside - in that you can obsess over things you (nor anyone else, ever) can normally see. 

Too Much Of A Good Thing

You may notice that in spots, your makeup appears cakey. Blend a bit, but don't obsess. Back away, look at the normal side of the mirror, put on your eyeglasses and see if it's truly looking that way - everyone who looks into a magnifying mirror will see some of this. Keep your perspective. 

Don't obsess over lines and spots. 

Don't obsess over eyebrow hairs and clogged pores. 

You can irritate your eyes, and damage your skin. 

And drive yourself nutty. 

Just step away from the mirror when you feel tempted.  Or crazed ;-)

Extra Tips 

Don't get too close when applying your makeup; keep about 12 inches away so your brushes and makeup tools don't hit the mirror. That could be annoying. 

Choose a lighted mirror with LED lights; they are not hot, and you will keep comfortable as you enjoy your beauty rituals.

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