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Mineral Lips Unlimited (with Video)

Mineral Lips Unlimited (with Video)

Mineral Lips Unlimited | Simple Beauty Minerals

If your like most women, lip makeup is probably one of your favorite bits in your beauty ritual.

We've got you covered (literally!) with minerals.

Simple Mineral Lips

Here's how you can get simply beautiful, safe & natural lip colors in a stunning array of fabulous custom shades:
Simply dip into your existing stash of Simple Beauty Minerals cheek and eye colors!

Nude and Natural

Cheek colors will get you a beautiful array of ned and natural mineral lips, like-your-own-lips-but-better shades. Try These As Lip and Cheek Colors 

Ready for Adventure?

Eye Shadows? Yes! That's when you're in the mood for adventure! (Remember Taylor Swift's funky gold lips in her Shake it Off video? That's right; steal the look with Golden Glam!) Try These As Lip and Eye Colors 
But seriously. You can turn any of our powdered mineral makeup products into lip color. Just mix with a little lip balm or gloss until you have a creamy consistency, then brush it onto your pout.
Or, dip any of our lipsticks or organic lip balm into your favorite shade and apply as usual. The powder will mix in smoothly for a subtle kick of color.

Watch how we do exactly that in this video.

Voila! Instant new shade!
You can even mix colors for unlimited possibilities. Great for when you're looking for just that perfect color. And guess what? With titanium dioxide as a base, it's an extra layer of sun protection for your lips as well! Here is the eyeshadow video (and the colors featured) we spoke about: Everyday Warm Eyes (Video) Find your organic lip balm here. Note: I called the Peach Lip Gloss "Peach". It is actually called "Peachcicle". Sometimes my brain freezes on camera!  

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