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March 05, 2021 3 min read

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How I Organize and Set Up My Makeup

What Simple Beauty Minerals products am I using right now. 

I am not a makeup maven. Not a makeup junkie.

A collector of makeup fads, I am not.

That said...

By definition, I am a makeup maven.

Wikipedia defines a maven as 

"a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others...".

So, in that sense, yes I am a healthy beauty makeup maven. 

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But when I think of the image the term "makeup maven" conjures up, I think of one who has to try every single new cosmetic fad that comes along. 

One who spends all her discretionary income on the latest and proposed greatest new gimmick.

I don't have that urge.  Fads need to prove themselves to me.

Then, and only then, am I loyal to them.

(Yes, I always share them with you.)

Like mineral makeup. Proven. Done. It's got me. 

makeup on tray on vanity

However, I do LOVE makeup. 

In a sensible, orderly kind of way. 

You know what I mean? One blush at a time. Only a couple of lipsticks in my drawer, and one in my purse, (OKAY, there is also a gloss and balm in my purse, ya know, I gotta have all my bases covered). I simply don't have tons of pots and jars in my makeup drawer.  

I need to be organized! 

makeup on tray on vanity

Now, don't get me wrong.

I am always trying out new colors & products to offer up to you, my customers.

These lovelies have a special place all of their own on the counter. Oh boy, I only wish you could come over and play with me!

makeup jars and bottles on tray on vanity

Here is what I currently have on my makeup vanity: 

  • 3 concealer/correctors - Bright Eyes Pink, Yellow & Fair
  • 2 foundations - Neutral 2 Perfect Cover  & Neutral 2 Antioxidant Liquid
  • 2 bronzers - Natural Glow & Glimmer Goddess
  • 1 blush - Shell Pink
  • 2 finish powders - Matte Finish and Silk Splendor (for sparkly moments)
  • 1 brow powder - Middle Earth
  • 5 eye shadows - Whisper, Soft Touch, Bliss, Princess, Mystery 
  • 2 eyeliner pencils - Black Coffee & Grape
  • 1 lip Liner - Adore
  • 1 lipgloss - Perfection
  • 3 lipsticks - Rose Gold, Blush and Scarlet
  • 1 lip balm - Lavender


Foundation Makeup

BRIGHT EYES PINK CONCEALER & COLOR CORRECTOR  |  simplebeautyminerals.com YELLOW COLOR CORRECTOR  |  simplebeautyminerals.com FAIR CONCEALER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com NEUTRAL 2 PERFECT COVER MINERAL FOUNDATION  |  simplebeautyminerals.com ANTIOXIDANT LIQUID FOUNDATION  |  simplebeautyminerals.com NATURAL GLOW MINERAL BRONZER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com 
Bright Eyes Pink Concealer Yellow Color Corrector Fair Concealer Neutral 2 Perfect Cover Mineral Foundation Neutral 2 Antioxidant Liquid Foundation Natural Glow Mineral Bronzer
GLIMMER GODDESS MINERAL BRONZER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com SHELL PINK CHEEK COLOR  |  simplebeautyminerals.com MATTE FINISH POWDER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com SILK SPLENDOR FINISH POWDER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com ILIA - Natural True Skin Serum Concealer bareMinerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Medium Concealer for Women
Glimmer Goddess Mineral Bronzer Shell Pink Cheek Color Matte Finish Powder Silk Splendor Finish Powder ILIA - Natural True Skin Serum Concealer bareMinerals Bareskin Concealer


Eye Makeup

 MIDDLE EARTH BROW POWDER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com WHISPER MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com SOFT TOUCH MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com BLISS MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com PRINCESS MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com 
Middle Earth Brow Powder Whisper Mineral Eyeshadow Soft Touch Mineral Eyeshadow Bliss Mineral Eyeshadow  Princess Mineral Eyeshadow
MYSTERY MINERAL EYESHADOW  |  simplebeautyminerals.com BLACK COFFEE MINERAL EYELINER PENCIL  |  simplebeautyminerals.com GRAPE MINERAL EYELINER PENCIL  |  simplebeautyminerals.com  ILIA - Natural Brightening Eye Primer
Mystery Mineral Eyeshadow  Black Coffee Mineral Eyeliner Pencil Grape Mineral Eyeliner Pencil ILIA - Natural Brightening Eye Primer



 ADORE MINERAL LIP LINER  |  simplebeautyminerals.com PERFECTION MINERAL ORGANIC LIPGLOSS  |  simplebeautyminerals.com ROSE GOLD MINERAL RICH LIPSTICK  |  simplebeautyminerals.com BLUSH MINERAL RICH LIPSTICK  |  simplebeautyminerals.com SCARLET MINERAL LIPSTICK  |  simplebeautyminerals.com  LAVENDER ORGANIC LIP BALM  |  simplebeautyminerals.com
Adore Mineral Lip Liner Perfection Mineral Organic Lip Gloss Rose Gold Mineral Rich Lipstick Blush Mineral Rich Lipstick Scarlet Mineral  Lipstick Lavender Organic Lip Balm 

Watch the full tutorial here.

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