Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup

October 23, 2018 5 min read

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Day to night makeup Featuring In The Buff Palette

With the holidays coming up, life is starting to gear up for many of us. You feel it too? For me it’s my favorite time of year– visiting with friends and family, celebrating  and being merry  together, and– inevitably– experiencing that joyful scramble that comes along with getting ready for guests or parties at the last minute (that can’t just be me?!). That said, I thought it would be fun to show you this go-to multi-tasking make up routine I’ve been loving lately.


Day to Night - Easy!

You can easily go from “day” to “night” with just a few quick changes– and I really do meanquick! Neither part takes me more than 5 minutes, yet they still come out looking totally pulled together, polished, and on-trend! Here’s a quick little break down of the products I used, and what you’ll need to re-create this “Nice to Naughty” day-to-night makeup look:


Ready, Set...Gather!

Alright, now that we have everything we need for the tutorial, let’s get started!


A fresh Canvas

First, I started off by applying my regular foundation routine. For me this is super quick, and I just use a light dusting of my mineral foundation (to find your perfect shade just hop on over to this page right here and have a looksee!) which helps even out my skin tone and gives me a great canvas to start out with! 

Abby - Before


Then, I jump right into the eye shadow– OK, can I just say that I am obsessed with the In the Buff Eye Shadow Palette Stacker? Especially Optimist, the light golden-beige metallic shade in the middle of the stack– I have been using it for literally everything! I’m not kidding. Below, I’m packing it onto my lids with a flat eye shadow brush to really get the dense pigmentation I want– and then, I’m sweeping it across my cheekbones for a glowy, and completely gorgeous highlight color.

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals


Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

For a subtle glow during the day, I like to keep it simple by just using a high light to accent my cheekbones and I save the blush to bring the drama a little later! Then, I’m going to finish up my eyes by blending some of the Natural Glow Mineral Bronzer into the crease with a fluffy blending brush, and blending out any harsh edges in the eye shadow to give it a soft finish. I love using bronzers and blushes to multi-task, so I’m not stopping with double duty as an eyeshadow– in fact, after adding a few coats of the Black Magic Healthy Mascara to my lashes (for more on how to apply this mascara and really bring the full drama to your lashes check out last week’s post here!) I am going to apply this as my lip color, as well!


Serious Multi-Taskers

Yep, you read that right! Mineral make up gives us nearly limitless options for application, so we can easily apply the pigments as eye, cheek, and lip colors– or any combination of the three!


Lips - Gloss or Matte?

You have two options here: apply it to your lips, and then add a clear gloss on top to make it really “pop”, or just leave it as-is for a beautiful matte lip. I chose to go with the matte lip look, since that’s a trend I’ve been absolutely in love with this season– but both would work just as well! I used the fine details side of our Double Sided Smudger Brush to line and fill my lips with the Natural Glow Bronzer’s pigment. It came out so super pretty! Plus, I love when the pigments match and compliment each other because I think it gives an extra polished and natural finish to the lips.

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

 TA DA! That’s it for the daytime look– now it’s time for the darker, “naughtier” nighttime transformation…


I’m starting off by lining my lower lash line and water line with the Ebony Black Mineral Eye Liner Pencil, and then using an angled eyeliner brush– then I got some of the product on my brush and applied the liner with extra precision to my upper lash line as well! This already darkens up the look a lot, and only takes about two minutes– it’s so quick, but adds in a lot of drama! Then, I’m going back in with the Natural Glow Mineral Bronzer and applying it like a blush (multi-task #3 for the Natural Glow Bronzer! Woohoo!)– personally, although I’m not shy with my blush, I make sure to blend it in extra well for a seamlessly glowy finish. Harsh blush lines don’t really go well with any look, so blending away isalways your friend! Last but not least, I’m adding on a deeper lip color to finish off this nighttime look! I went with a deep brick red, and then sheered it out with my fingers for a more natural sheen– but if you prefer a bolder lip, you can just skip that step.

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Nice to Naughty - Day To Night Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

 And there you go! That’s it! Our nighttime look is complete.

Short on Time?

I love how quick and easy this is– I can attest to the fact that either of these looks can be (and often are) completed just before running out the door, and still come out looking pulled together and totally festive with all the glowy golden tones and shimmers!


Travel Buddy

Plus, with all the shades in the In the Buff Mineral Eye Shadow Stacker and the amount of multi-tasking you can do with them in your routine, it’s the perfect little holiday helper to pack with you in your travel bag on any holiday trips! Something I’ve noticed since travelling with it a few times myself is that it takes up so much less space than the traditional eye shadow palette (and fits so easily into my little travel make up pouch) that I have more space for other make up goodies! And who doesn’t love THAT?! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and that it gives you some new ideas, tips, or tricks you can incorporate into your beauty routine this holiday season!

til next time, xx Abby 


Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily engaged, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.

A note from Lisa Thanks Abby! Abby's family used to host a holiday party every December; I have very fond memories of all the kids on crazy scavenger hunts! Abby - tell your mom, I still make 'Jam in the Middle' cookies every year. Not there's a great recipe we could share!

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