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Open Up Your Eyes To Highlights

Open Up Your Eyes To Highlights

Want a quick way to bring attention to your eyes? Try a bit of highlighter!

Use a very light shade of mineral eyeshadow to add drama to your eyes.  Just blend a bit on the areas around your eyes that naturally catch the light, like:
  • The ridge of your brow bone just under your eyebrow,
  • The outer part of your eyelid, or
  • The very middle of your eyelid (under the pupil).

It helps to lay it on over a neutral base, such as foundation, and blend well. You'll be amazed at how it opens up your eyes!

Choosing a highlighter

Choose your highlighter based on the occasion and your mood: shimmery for a sexy or glamorous look, matte for everyday. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Whisper - That's the one in the picture. The perfect matte neutral to highlight your brow bone or lid.
  • Bliss - Like Glitz, with a touch of rose.
  • Glitz - Like Whisper, but with a glitzy sheen!
  • Champagne Ice - a warm shade that goes well with any skin tone.
  • Lavender Silver - Oh, lots of sparkle here! Looks great over smoky tones.
  • Simple Basics - an ever so slight warm beige, matte.


Enjoy a wardrobe of to suit your every mood.