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Polish Your Nails...With Eyeshadow?

Polish Your Nails...With Eyeshadow?

Polish Your Nails...With Eyeshadow? Simple Beauty Minerals

Mineral makeup is so versatile; you can actually use your favorite loose mineral eye shadow to paint your nails. How cool is that?

Plus, since there are no dyes in a high quality mineral makeup, you won't need a base coat to protect your nails from yellowing. And talk about matchy - matchy!

Supplies needed

  • 10 minutes
  • spoonful of your chosen mineral eye shadow or blush
  • clear non toxic nail polish (I love butter london for non-toxic polish)
  • small mixing bowl or disposable paper cup
  • toothpick
How to turn mineral makeup into nail polish
  • add about a spoonful of mineral powder to bowl or cup
  • add 25 to 30 drops of polish to the powder
  • mix with toothpick, or polish brush
  • adjust if too thick or too thin
  • using the polish brush, paint away
  • Add top coat once a day for a week long manicure

Don't worry that you are getting color on the brush of the clear polish. Just wipe it off on a tissue or cotton pad soaked in polish remover, before you put it back into the bottle. Give it a try! Then come back and tell us here on Facebook how it went.


Simple Beauty Minerals. Always 100% Guaranteed.

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