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Safe Halloween Costume Makeup

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup

Costume Makeup the safe, clean way. 

Costume makeup is a fun way to enhance and truly complete the character “transformation” for your kiddos (and your!) Halloween costumes.

And we want the ingredients in what we are putting on our faces to be just as fun as the crazy, kooky (or adorable!) looks themselves!

No Scary Ingredients 

Unfortunately, much of the mass produced “costume makeup” sold in Halloween costume pop up shops or local big box stores can contain ingredients that irritate skin, cause breakouts, and can even contain harsh or toxic chemicals that we would rather not include as a part of our Halloween festivities.

Luckily, it is super easy to whip up your very own safe, natural, and non-toxic versions with mineral makeup ingredients that you already have in your beauty stash!

YOUR DIY Version

Below, we brainstormed and tested out different ways to easily incorporate mineral makeup ingredients in your Halloween costume by making your own DIY versions of Halloween costume makeup that you can feel good about putting on your little ones.

A few little mineral makeup tricks and tweaks and in no time you’ll have your very own Halloween costume makeup that is all (non-toxic, natural, mineral makeup) treats– ha!

White and Green All-Over Face Paint Base

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Are you a Ghastly Ghoul, a Ghost, or Clown?

Mime, Zombie, Wicked Witch, or even a Corpse Bride?

If a ghostly white or haunting green are what you require, look no further!

How To

For an all-over white, mix a bit of a thick creme style moisturizer (our Whipped Olive Oil Creme is the perfect fit!) with a good amount of our white-toned Pure Primer.

You want it to have more pigment than moisturizer so that you will really be able to see the white– so feel free to add in more as you mix until you reach your desired consistency.

At this point, apply liberally to your whole face!

You can add some more loose Pure Primer on top to build coverage and to help set the mixture for all-night wear. Don’t be afraid to keep adding more, layering it will help to steadily build up coverage and will be your best friend in achieving a satisfactorily corpse-ly white!

Add big, round, bright cherry red cheeks and a red nose for a classic Clown makeup look! (our Scarlet Mineral Rich Lipstick and Cranberry Cobbler 2-in-1 Cream Crayon both do a wonderful job here, each adding tons of pigment to the look!)

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Follow these same steps while swapping out the Pure Primer for our Green Color Corrector for a ghoul-approved green.

For a brighter green (think Frankenstein!) simply apply a color such as Green Apple Mineral Eye Shadow or any green mineral eye shadow you have on hand all over the face working in small sections until the whole face is covered with a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush (the Fluffy Eye Shading Brush or Mini Fluff Brush would both work well!). Don’t forget to add in a few “stitches” for good measure!

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Get the Look

Whipped Olive Oil Creme Pure Primer Scarlet Mineral Rich Lipstick Cranberry Cobbler 2-in-1 Cream Crayon Green Color Corrector Green Apple Mineral Eye Shadow

Alternative Colors

Are you going as a pumpkin? A brown bear? The tin man from the wizard of Oz? The same principle applies– just pick your desired color (be it orange, brown, silver, or any other!), and apply the matching mineral pigment all over your face for positively glowing results.

Black cat? Mouse? Fox? Some other type of whiskered beast altogether?

Our Ebony Black Mineral Eye Liner Pencil is the perfect match for you!

Draw on perfectly black whiskers and fill in a round black dot nose with the eyeliner pencil, and if you wish you can even set it with our Soft Black Mineral Liner over top (with the help of our Fine Point Eyeliner Brush or Fine Angle Brush) for a matte appearance and added coverage.

Perfect for a winged cat eye, too!

Freckles, stitches, or any other details can be added using this same method– and you can swap out the black pencil for our brown Black Coffee Mineral Eye Liner Pencil and Brown Mineral Liner if that’s more your style!

Unicorn? Fairy Princess? Ballerina? Diva?

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

We’ve got you covered, too!

Add some sparkle to your look with our sparkly pink Ballet Slipper Mineral Radiance Highlighter all over your cheeks, brow bones, collar bones, or anywhere else you desire a good dose of perfectly fantastical shimmer (or another of our favorite pink mineral blushes).

Add some Pixie Dust Radiance Finish Powder all over for the perfect dose of pixie shimmer to complete your enchanting look!

Add in a shimmery pink lip fit for a princess with our Strawberry Cream 2-in-1 Crayon or Pink Jasmine Mineral Rich Lipstick, and of course, the royal favorite Princess Mineral Eyeshadow to complete your highness’s regally pink look.

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Add a bold pop of color to play up your star power with the Diva-approved Pop of Pink or Pink Sorbet Mineral Rich Lipsticks– and some dazzling eye shadows as well, may we suggest Blastin’ Blue Mineral Eye Shadow, Groovin’ Grape Mineral Eye Shadow, Twistin’ Teal Mineral Eye Shadow, or perhaps Lavender Silver Mineral Eye Shadow as a few of our favorite stage ready shades?

Safe Halloween Costume Makeup | Simple Beauty Minerals

Endless Possibilities

Of course, the list could go on– honestly the possibilities with mineral makeup when it comes to Halloween costumes are only limited by your imagination!

I remember the excitement of getting to add costume makeup (even such simple things as a few drawn on whiskers or a little of my mom’s eye shadow) to my Halloween looks as a kid, and how it felt like the final, truly transformative step in becoming my costume’s character for the night.

It really does have it’s own kind of magic, and even simple touches like a little dusting of shimmer or a little drawn on bear’s nose can feel like such a big deal and be so special to little ones.

I love how makeup can do that, and how it can unlock something special within us, and allow our imagination to take us to new places!

Halloween is such a fun time to play around with that, and it is our wish here at the Simple Beauty Blog for you to have a safe, fun, non-toxic way to share all those magical parts of makeup with your family.

We had so much fun putting together this post for you, and it is our hope that it will serve as a jumping-off point for you to become inspired and create your own unique twist on them in the years/Halloweens to come!

Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram