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Get The Look - Abby; A Cool Bright Beauty (With Video)

Get The Look - Abby; A Cool Bright Beauty (With Video)

Are you a cool, bright beauty? 

Is your skin undertone cool? 

Can you wear cool, clear, jewel tone colors brilliantly?  

These are clues that you may also be a cool, bright beauty. 

Foundational Products

Abby has a strong contrast between her skin and hair color and amazing bright blue eyes.

She comes alive with cool, vibrant, clear, jewel tones. She can also wear the icy, clear cool tones well. 

As the depth of her skin tone is fair, she wears Perfect Cover Mineral Foundation in Cool 1 beautifully. She also loves Celina Nadine Sensy Rich Foundation. 

She also enjoys the Antioxidant Liquid Foundation in the same shades. 

She is also wearing Pure Primer and Fair Concealer and Color Corrector.

Get The Look

perfect cover foundation formula cool 1 - celina nadine sensy rich foundation formula - ANTIOXIDANT LIQUID FOUNDATION -
Cool 1 Perfect Cover Celina Nadine Sensy Rich Liquid Foundation


pure primer - fair concealer and color corrector-
Pure Primer Fair Concealer


 Abby and Kasey

Abby and Kasey 

 Determining Her Best Makeup Colors

cool bright color palette makeup -

Abby was just as I suspected. I draped her in the cool, bright colors of a bright winter and just look at her shine in these bright, cool colors. 

Once I saw how these colors brought clarity to her skin and brightened up her eyes,  it was easy to choose her best makeup colors. 

I would describe Abby's look as true, vivid, sharp, and bright.

We were going for a neutral eye, so we were sure to chose the browns with a cool tone, as opposed to warm. 

Get The Look


sable mineral eyeshadow - soft touch mineral eyeshadow - bliss mineral eyeshadow - black coffee mineral eyeliner pencil -
Sable eyeshadow Soft Touch eyeshadow


Bliss eyeshadow

Black Coffee eyeliner pencil 



sugar plum cheek color - satin sheen powder -
Sugar Plum Cheek Color  Satin Finish Highlighter


And The Finishing Touch

 abby necklace -

The Abby Necklace 

More makeup shades for you - you cool, bright beauty.