Seasonal Makeup: Do you winterize your makeup?

October 23, 2018 1 min read

Seasonal Makeup: Do you winterize your makeup?

Seasonal Makeup: Do you winterize your makeup? | Simple Beauty Minerals

When Linda, my friend and favorite stylist for women over 40, asked me to write an article for her blog about winterizing your makeup look, I said a huge "Hell Yea!"

What a fun topic and one close to my heart; I adore the change of seasons. When the weather turns cold, you start layering on the clothing. It’s fun to bundle up in soft, luscious, warm fabrics like cashmere and wool. The stores bring in racks of black and dark gray pieces because somehow winter is the time to wear deeper colors. Somehow the stark contrast of the all-black outfit against the blinding white snow makes you feel dramatic and bold! If black and gray aren’t your best colors, you’re turning to deep plums, dark navy, and espresso brown as YOUR black. It’s a time to let your emotions go deep, put on seriously dark colors, and drink hot toddies and steaming black tea. What about your makeup routine? Your light eye shadows and blushes don’t seem to match the deeper and darker clothing you wear in winter. Maybe you’d like to wear a smoky eye or a deep plum to accent your richly darker outfits. Read more over at

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