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The *Big* Mineral Eyeliner Story

The *Big* Mineral Eyeliner Story

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…

And this is one of those times! - I’m excited to share each of the gorgeous colors of our Mineral Powder Liners – but as I think you’ll see, no words can quite do these beauties justice. I wanted to swatch them a few different ways for you so that you can see how they look in different lighting, and get a picture for how they look both pure-pigment-wise, as well as how they can look actually swatched on skin. It can be hard to tell how a color will look when it’s all together in the eyeliner pot, so sometimes you just need to see it in action!

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals

 I also wanted to share with you my personal favorite way to apply these loose Mineral Liners for a stunning, super-pigmented result– so stay tuned!

Our Full Line-Up

It’s in no particular order, except for what I thought looked pretty all laid out…

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Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals

 I used my finger to smudge them on the paper to give you a better feel for how these colors look when in action. You can see how vivid and bright the metallics are really nicely in this shot, as well as getting a better feel for their depth. 

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals


One thing you can’t quite see on-camera, unfortunately, is the multi-dimensionality of their shimmer! They aren’t super sparkly, but there is a shimmer that really plays in the light when you play with them in-person (side note: my husband is completely fascinated by this, and if he ever catches me in action with a few of these shimmery shades out while I’m photographing for a blog post, he will inevitably “borrow” one of them to go check it out in the sunlight and see all of the crazy-gorgeous glitter-shimmers. It’s just about the only time he ever shows interest in makeup… but hey, I’ll take it!). I swatched all the shades (left to right: Emerald, Sterling, TealNavy, Purple Black, Smokey Plum, Brown, Soft Black) on my forearm, so that you can get a better idea of how they check out on skin– I applied them all dry, however, so keep in mind that if you foil them (as I do later on in this post) they will come out even more pigmented and dense in color/product.

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals

Alright, now that you have seen all of the different Mineral Liners, it’s time to pick out your favorite and get down to business.

Time to Apply Your Eyeliner

Full disclosure: eyeliner is my favorite. Really. It was the first product that I wore on a consistent basis (read: the only product I had a strong enough devotion to to inspire me to wake up early enough to apply it before I had to run out the door in high school…) and I can safely say that I own more eyeliner (and eyeliner brushes) than any other type of makeup in my “stash”. So, it’s safe to say that over the years I have learned a trick or two when it comes to the stuff. While everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to applying loose mineral liner, I have to say that my favorite method 9 times out of 10 will always be applying it wet– or, “foiling” it. This method gives you tons of pigment, extra staying power, and that crisp clean line that can be so elusive when applying dry. I like that it doesn’t smudge, and that it will stay in place throughout the day. That said, applying it dry is lovely when you want to smoke out your liner– or when you just want a softer line. When your craving extra pigmentation and a super clean line, go with this wet application method.

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals

 (Hint: This method is for lining your eyelids only, and not for using on your waterline or tightline! Using loose mineral eyeliner on your waterline will end up getting the powder in and on your eyeball. Instead, try using one of our Mineral Eye Liner Pencils!) I am using the Simple Beauty Minerals Mineral Liner in Teal for this tutorial, along with the Fine Point Eyeliner Brush.


Tap a small amount of the loose Mineral Liner into the lid of your little Eye Liner’s jar. Then, wet the brush and mix the wet brush up with the liner. It should create a little “puddle” of liquid liner in the lid.



I like to test out the consistency on the back of my hand before I commit to using it on my lid, so I will do a couple “tests” with the brush on my hand to see if it’s the right ratio, or if I need to add in a bit more powder or a bit more water depending on what I want. 

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals



When you have the perfect consistency, simply load up your brush (I like to think of it as my little “paint brush”) and apply it to the lashline at the base of your lid like with any other liquid liner, loading your brush with more product as needed. 

Mineral Eyeliner | Simple Beauty Minerals



Now that you know how to rock your loose Mineral Liner, go pick up a shade or two and give it a try! The possibilities truly are endless– I have used them as liners, eyeshadows, and I’ve even used the Brown Mineral Liner as a brow powder in a makeup "emergency" before (true story), and we can’t wait to see how you’ll style them, too!


Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her @galaxyandglowworm and @abbyroephoto on instagram, or find her + her organic handmade mineral lipsticks on Etsy at Galaxy and Glowworm .

A note from Lisa: If you're not sure which fabulous shades of mineral eyeliner to choose this may help: If you have warm skin tone go with Brown or Emerald. If you are a cool skin tone try Soft Black or Navy. If your coloring leans toward gentle, soft and muted choose Smokey Plum or Navy. If your look is striking and you can wear intensity well, your faves could be Purple Black or Sterling Silver. Teal is a universal color and can be worn by most everyone. 
But most importantly, play and have fun with your makeup. It washes off at night.