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So, Your Daughter Wants To Wear Makeup?

So, Your Daughter Wants To Wear Makeup?

Your Pre-Teen is Interested in Makeup?

Of course, she is!

And you know, it's OKAY. 

Mom Wants What Is Best

What better testimonial than when Emily, a Simple Beauty Minerals customer contacted me and asked if she can write an article for her local e-magazine, (where she is a contributor), ColoradoMoms, about pre-teens wearing makeup.

It just so happens she has a pre-teen daughter interested in makeup, and mom wants her to wear the healthy goods.

So I sent her off a selection of products for her daughter to sample.  Mom Emily also says:

"Another testimony to how wonderful this makeup is: Grace wore some yesterday to cello practice and her carpool friend said to her (after the 2 hour practice) 'Grace, are you wearing makeup?' 'Yes, I've worn it the last few days...' 'Oh my goodness, I can hardly tell you have any on! It looks soooo good!' I just love that she can look so natural but there's just that hint of extra "wow". It looks like Natural-plus. LOL. Love you and all you do!" Emily  

 You're welcome, Emily. You and Grace make me smile. 

Options For Young Teens

Simple Beauty Minerals is a great option for young teens who are just beginning to venture into the world of makeup– you can rest easy knowing that we use only the cleanest, safest ingredients making our mineral makeup comfortable, light, and gentle on their skin.

Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

Thoughtful Collection

Instead of going for makeup that is traditionally marketed towards pre-teens and young teenagers (and often made with lower quality ingredients as a result) starting out with a small, thoughtfully put together collection of high quality basics as they start to become interested.

This is such a wonderful way to introduce them to the world of makeup while making sure they have well-made beauty products sourced from high quality and natural ingredients that are safe for their sensitive skin.

And of course, making them feel special with a thoughtful gift that is just for them as they begin to embark on their own makeup journey, too!

So Many Choices

Depending on your daughter’s interests and age, there are so many amazing options we offer here at Simple Beauty Minerals that would serve as a fabulous introduction to makeup!

(Pictured below from left to right: Mauvelous Organic Lip Gloss, Perfection Organic Mineral Lip Gloss, Ultra Light Foundation, Powder Buffer Brush)

Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

Practically Perfect (in every way) 

Our Organic Mineral Lip Gloss Line is practically perfect for any age– and the fun strawberry scent makes these lovely lip glosses extra sweet!

They add just a touch of sheer color and a little extra shine making them extra easy to apply, and a great choice for your pre-teen, teen, or really any age (these are a favorite for sure!).

 (Pictured below: Abby wears Perfection Mineral Organic Lip Gloss layered on top of Rose Gold Mineral Rich Lipstick)

Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

 Colors Teens Will Love

Our Mineral Eye Shadows are another wonderful option– coming in nearly every shade imaginable, you are sure to find her  favorite color.

As Bobbi Brown recommends in her book Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, when picking out eyeshadows, a great game plan is to have a couple of shades you can wear with everything (light, shimmery neutrals such as Bliss Mineral Shadow, Champagne Ice Mineral Shadow, or Peach Mineral Shadow are just a few that come to mind) as well as a couple of bold, fun colors to experiment and play around with– after-all, isn’t that what makeup is all about?

(Peacock Mineral Shadow, Dream Mineral Shadow, and Princess Mineral Shadow are just a few ideas out of our practically endless options!).


Bliss Champagne Ice Peach Peacock Dream Princess


Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

 Start Her Off With The Right Tools

While you’re at it– get her a nice eyeshadow brush or two as well.

Our gorgeous, high quality, vegan and 100% cruelty free brushes help make applying mineral shadows a breeze.

The Mini Fluff Brush is great for all purpose Eye Shadow blending and application and super easy to use– especially for beginners!


Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

 Is Foundation On The Table?

For teens interested in foundation, our Ultra Light Foundation Formula is perfect for budding makeup artists with its super light (as well as super comfortable and super breathable) coverage.

With its super light and fluffy formula, it is difficult to apply “too much” of this foundation by mistake.

Plus, its super light coverage makes it almost impossible for any discernibly patchy application to build up.

That makes it a wonderful option for younger teens who are just learning to apply makeup while still providing subtle color correction and a slight mattifying effect– meaning this foundation will give her a big buffer for trial and error as she refines her makeup skills.

The final product will be a natural, glowing complexion– you won’t find any overly cake-y foundation application with Ultra Light's formula!

Fairly Fair Mineral Foundation Fairly Light Mineral Foundation Fairly Medium Mineral Foundation Medium Tan Mineral Foundation


Make it the perfect pair by adding one of our Ultimate Kabuki Brushes (for slightly fuller coverage) or a Powder Buffer Brush (for extra light and airy coverage) for easy and gorgeous foundation application!

Simple Beauty Minerals - makeup for teens

Give Her Shimmer

Some other fun ideas when it comes to mineral makeup for teens?

Radiance Powders are an easy way for her to add some shimmer and glow to her cheeks for a special occasion ... without the slightly more advanced difficulty level of blushes and bronzers (again, it’s much harder to apply too much of a sheer, subtly shimmery radiance powder than it is to apply too much blush).

Need More? 

I have more thoughts on young teens and wearing makeup, I share them here:  Makeup - A crutch, or Just For Fun? )

You can check out these past posts on the Simple Beauty Blog for:

...and so much more!

Even Younger? 

And of course, don’t forget that Simple Beauty Mineral Makeup isn’t just for teens and adults…


Simple Beauty Minerals - skin-safe makeup for teens

Safe Costume Makeup  

It’s the best way to make sure costume and Halloween makeup for younger kids is skin safe (instead of filled with unknown or potentially toxic ingredients).

We did a whole post with ideas and tutorials on how to create some of the most popular Halloween looks (Zombie, Clown, Fairy Princess… and more!) right here!


Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. You can follow her on instagram