Spotlight - Cheek Color Rosalee

May 08, 2019 2 min read

Spotlight Rosalee Mineral Cheek Color -

Spotlight On - Rosalee Mineral Cheek Color

What A Sweetheart

Truly a mineral makeup sweetheart, Rosalee is a gorgeous berry-toned pink mineral cheek color that pairs perfectly with bright, sweet, and romantic Springtime looks.

Sweep a little across your cheeks to add an extra dose of color to your everyday look.

For a subtle rosy glow. simply tap just a few flecks (perhaps 3-4 little flecks of color) into the lid of your blush jar and swirl your Perfect Blush Brush around to evenly distribute the color on your brush before application.

Our mineral cheek colors are so pigmented that a little bit goes a long way!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Cheek Color Rosalee

Highly Pigmented 

To add in a little more drama and intensity you can layer applications of the blush, or add more pigment onto your brush on the first go– but remember that with these gorgeous, high quality mineral pigments you don’t need to add very much blush to get a big color pay off.

Cheeks. Eyes. Lips.

Rosalee  can double as a beautiful soft pink eyeshadow, or can even be swept across the lips with a little lip balm to multitask as your lip color!

Simple Beauty Minerals - Cheek Color Rosalee

 Baby Pink Cheek Color

For a color comparison, we swatched another one of our Springtime favorites (Baby Pink Cheek Color) next to Rosalee below.

Baby Pink is on the left, Rosalee is on the right.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Cheek Color Baby Pink and Rosalee

 Cherry On Top

Blush is one of the easiest ways to tie together a look with that little something extra– it’s like the cherry on top!

By simply adding a little color to your cheeks you can instantly brighten and warm up your look.

And, with the right tools and the right color it’s oh-so-easy to do.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Blush Brush

SHOP Rosalee Mineral Cheek Color $16.00

Rosalee Mineral CheekColor -

Blush And Face Shape

Are you applying blush correctly for your face shape?

Lisa walks you through the whole process step-by-step in this video to help you apply your blush with confidence in the way best suited for your own unique features.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Cheek Color Rosalee

 Abby is wearing Bliss Mineral Eye Shadow and Misty Mineral Eye Shadow on her eyes in this post.