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What Have You Got to Hide? Natural Mineral Makeup Concealers

Natural Mineral makeup concealers -

[Updated 2019]

In the world of mineral makeup, concealers are the lingerie for your wardrobe of colors.

Make sure you have all your under-pretties on!

You may consider owning a selection of concealers for every occasion....or, you may choose just one to fill the bill.

A Powder Concealer?

Does it seem odd to use a powder as a concealer?

I know that is what I felt when first learning to use powder makeup.

However, once you use this form, you wont want to go back!

The texture and coverage of mineral powder concealers is very different than liquid or creme concealers.

They are much like mineral foundation as they are a powder, however they contain a bit more clay for extra coverage.

They go on smooth & silky, but be sure your eye cream has soaked in or you will get splotches and streaks.

Powder concealers and correctors give a very natural look, as opposed to a made up look. 

Apply your eye creme, then go eat breakfast, or make your bed. Then come back and begin your makeup. 

Pure Bliss Eye Creme -


Pluses of Powder Concealers

Mineral concealers are virtually waterproof

They can be used as eye shadow base for smooth application of eye colors.

The flesh tone shades can also be worn as foundation.

In fact, for very oily skins, or high humidity, some women love them as foundations!

Here are some options for your mineral concealer wardrobe:


Natural Mineral Makeup Concealers | Simple Beauty Minerals


  • Green corrector -  hides redness, acne, rosacea, spider veins, sunburn and port wine stains. (In fact, not only will it hide, it will help heal as well due to the zinc oxide).
  • Yellow corrector - hides blue/grey circles under your eyes, blueish bruises and under eye circles.
  • Pink corrector - brightens up dull or tired skin and hides brown spots.
  • Peach corrector - for darker skin tones, and works wonders for hyper pigmentation and neutralizing dark circles. It even works for dark spots and sun damage.
  • Catnap corrector - the perfect shade to help give you that rested look that we sometimes so need.
  • Flesh tone concealer -  use a shade to match your complexion, or one to two shades lighter. We offer: Fair, Fair/Med and Medium.


Natural Mineral Makeup Concealers | Simple Beauty Minerals

What order do you apply your concealers in?

After your Primer, concealer is next.


Under foundation is best, but you can use it as spot treatment on top for those extra tough spots.

How do you apply powder concealer?

The Perfect Concealer Brush is a must for perfect application, it presses, pats and lays the powder exactly where it needs to be and holds it in place.

If you like a lighter hand, the Mini Fluff Brush is a great choice. 

Perfect Concealer Brush - simplebeautyminerals.comMini Fluff Brush -


Wash your brush every couple of weeks to keep the minerals from building up.

A clean brush gives you the best coverage.

So, if your concealer stops working as well, start first with a good brush cleaning. 

Learn how best to clean your makeup brushes here. 

Shake a bit of the minerals into the lid of your jar.

Dip your Concealer Brush or Mini Fluff Brush into the minerals, then tap excess off.

Press the flat side of the brush onto the area you want to cover, keeping in mind that the first place you apply your brush will be where the most powder will go.

Press, and blend as needed.

You can layer on coverage with each application of the brush.

Learn More About Safe Mineral Concealers and Color Correcting Here.

Sensitive Skin?

Natural Mineral Makeup Concealer + Creme | Simple Beauty Minerals


If your skin is sensitive you will love our concealers.

They are designed with you in mind.

Prefer a liquid or creme concealer?

You can have it all.

Dab a bit of our powder concealers on the back of your hand and mix a drop of your favorite lotion or creme.

Mix with your Concealer Brush and you have a high quality liquid or creme concealer that works for your sensitive skin.

Buy Your Perfect Concealer and Corrector Here.   

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