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Teach Your Skin to Behave Again (with video)

Behave Retinol -

What would you say to reducing visible signs of your skin's aging or sun damage: thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin, discoloration, blotchiness, fine lines, and wrinkles?

Let's teach your skin to behave again.


Vitamin A To The Rescue

Retinol is also known as Vitamin A, an effective ingredient with the ability to resurface and smooth skin’s texture. It promotes cell turnover, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and refine the large pores. Not only does it offer pro-aging benefits, but can also be helpful for blemish-prone skin. The exfoliating benefits help remove the dead skin cells that clog pores to reveal a clearer, smoother complexion. In fact, it is suited for dry skins, sensitive skins and oily, blemish prone skin. 


Well Documented

Topical retinoids (retinol) have a well-documented effect on skin health. Thinning skin, loss of collagen and elastin, discoloration, blotchiness, fine lines, and wrinkles - Retinol effectively combats every single one of those unhappy skin events, whether they occur naturally or are oxidative stress-induced, according to numerous studies (see Resources below). Vitamin A Has Been Shown To:
  • Brighten your complexion
  • Enhance the firmness of your skin
  • Improve your skin texture
  • Minimize wrinkles

A Brighter Complexion

As you know, the cumulative effect of the sun's damage will result in hyper-pigmentation and an uneven skin tone. Numerous studies have shown that Vitamin A (retinol) is an effective treatment for your uneven skin tone. 

Simple Beauty Minerals - Teach Your Skin to Behave Again

Enhanced Skin Firmness

What would you say to 80% increased collagen formation? Collagen and elastin are the key players for keeping skin taut and firm, but alas, they are also the UV rays main target. But now, you can assist in reversing this damage and boost collagen formation with retinol!


Improved Skin Texture

Our skin naturally thins as we age, however, most of this is due to external factors (cough... the sun...cough) and this results in premature aging. Retinol has proven to also increase the thickness of our skin.

Simple Beauty Minerals - Teach Your Skin to Behave Again

Minimize Those Wrinkles

And yet again, numerous studies have shown that retinol can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I tell ya, it's a magic potion.


What is Retinol?

'Retinoids' is the name of the entire Vitamin A molecule. Retinol is the over the counter form of Vitamin A. Retinol converts to the active retinoic acid (the prescription form) and thus actually teaches our skin to behave better, and make better skin cells again.

Usage Tip: It is best used in the evening as during the daylight, the sun's rays can lessen its effectiveness. And be sure to wear your sunscreen in the morning, for further prevention and protection.



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