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The Beauty of Finish Powder

the beauty of finish powder

You know those glamour shots where the lens is a little softened and ever-so-slightly blurred, the result being a soft focus beauty?

That is the beauty of Finish Powders.

Let's talk about Finish Powders.
If you already use one, then I know you'll agree with me in saying it's one of the single most dynamic upgrades you can add to your daily makeup routine.
You haven't tried it yet? – well, I can pretty much guarantee you are going to want to get on that ASAP!
Let's talk about the makeup magic that is this translucent little powder...

What is Finish Powder

Essentially, it is the final step in your foundation routine– after the concealer and foundation comes the Finish Powder (or, as some call it, "mineral veil").
It isn't meant to add a lot of coverage or color to your face as it's translucent and super finely milled– but what it does do is soften and beautify your final overall look.
If you've never used finish powder before, this might sound like it would be a fairly subtle and unnecessary change– but it's absolutely not!

Finish Powder = Pull It All Together

For me personally, using Finish Powders has been a total game changer in my daily makeup routine ever since I added them to my makeup stash a few years ago.
It's kind of like those glamour shots where the lens is a little softened and ever-so-slightly blurred, except of course it's not a "special effect" on a photo, it's happening in real time!
I find that it really helps to blend all of my foundation and concealer together and it gives me a super effortless and natural finish as well. I mean, what's not to love?!
The Beauty of Finish Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals
And it doesn't end there.

Staying Power

The "cherry on top" of it all is that by setting your  foundation finishing powders give you an extra boost of staying powder and will help keep your foundation in place throughout the day.
And, although they will not dry out your skin, they will absorb any excess oils throughout the day as well.
Especially for those of you with oily skin, this is a total life-saver!
Even if you have dry skin like me, finishing powder can 100% still be your BFF too!
Despite the extra layer of powder, you can easily avoid that too-tight feeling of adding too much powder by simply spritzing a little water or Crisp Cucumber Toner on between layers of foundation and finishing powder.
This has been a total lifesaver for me, and I like to keep some Crisp Cucumber Toner in a little spritz bottle at the ready to apply over top of my foundation each morning. It helps the foundation "melt" into my skin so beautifully, and it also creates the perfect canvas for my final layer of finishing powder to tie it all together.
Plus, finishing powders are meant to be applied with a lighter touch and in a smaller amount than what you are used to with your foundation– hence their other name as mineral "veils.
They are just a light touch at the end, so you can easily add more or less depending on your needs (oily or dry!).
The Beauty of Finish Powder | Simple Beauty Minerals

Added Bonuses Of Finish Powders

 To mention just a few other added bonuses of finishing powder...
- It adds an extra layer of mineral barrier, increasing your over all SPF protection (Woohoo!)
- It helps to decrease and minimize any fine lines, smoothing out your over all finish.
- It can be worn alone on a casual day, or when you are going for a simple natural look– and still give you all of its wonderful benefits!

 How To Wear Finish Powder

Last but not least, here's my mini how-to guide on picking out the perfect finishing powder for you and your skin– Simple Beauty Minerals style!


Warm Matte Finish Powder, Matte Finish Powder, Silk Finish Powder
Left to Right: Warm Matte Finish Powder, Matte Finish Powder, Silk Finish Powder

Choosing Which Finish Powder To Wear

Normal to Drier Skin?
For a gorgeous, smoothing glow. choose our Silk Finish Powder or our Silk Splendor Finish Powder for a glow with just a hint of shimmer.
Normal Skin to Oiler Skin?
For a soft, airbrushed-matte look– choose our Matte Finish Powder or Warm Matte Finish Powder.
Application Tool
For a soft and seamless application, choose our Powder Buffer Brush. (You may choose to dedicate this brush to your Finish Powder).
Powder Buffer Brush | Simple Beauty Minerals
How To Apply Finish Powder
Simply tap a small amount of product into the lid of your finishing powder, and swirl your Powder Buffer Brush as your normally would, tapping off any excess before lightly applying it to your face with sweeping circular motions.
And that's all! Easy as pie!
Well, maybe that's not all...
As you may have noticed if you've even taking a peek at our finishing powders section, we have *a lot* of finishing powders– all the way from our every day mattes, to our "special effects" finishes (Pixie Dust Radiance, Ballet Slipper...), to our bronzers– and the list goes on!
Silk Splendor Finish Powder, Satin Finish Powder & Highlighter, Glimmer Goddess Bronzer, Pixie Dust Radiance Finish Powder & Highlight Powder, Ballet Slipper Mineral Blush & Highlighting Powder.
Since there's so much shimmery, glorious (!) ground to cover we've decided to do a mini series of finishing powder posts with everything from the very basics in todays post all the way to strobing and highlighting with our "special effects" finishes– and anything in between. In case you can't tell, we're serious about our finishing powders here at Simple Beauty Minerals– and seriously in love!
And we can't wait to share it all with you.
Abby is a photographer and blogger who never says no to a hot cup of tea or a new shade of lipstick. She lives in Monterey, CA with her husband where they enjoy hiking, cooking/eating everything vegan, and basically living the (neat and tidy) hippie dream. 

Lisa's Note: There is so much cross-over with our Finish Powder Category. Many of the shades can be used as all over Finish Powders, as well as blush, as well as highlighters, as well as bronzers. Talk about multi-tasking powerhouses!