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What Makes the Perfect Foundation

What Makes the Perfect Foundation

Looking for the perfect foundation?

Choose your foundation blend, not only your foundation shade.

When women talk about choosing a foundation, they usually focus on finding the right shade to match their skin color. That's important, of course...but don't jump the gun.

Before you even think about color, consider the base.

Different foundations offer different amounts of coverage and other features, so you will want to choose based on your unique skin type and beauty goals. At Simple Beauty Minerals, we offer three foundation blends. They are all made of pure mineral ingredients, so choose freely according to your needs:
  • If you prefer a very light, natural look, try our Enriched Ultra Light foundation. It's whisper light and is enriched with skin protecting botanicals for glowing, healthy skin.
  • For maximum flexibility, choose our Perfect Cover formulation. A single layer provides light - almost weightless - coverage, but it's buildable for heavier coverage when you want it.
  • If you have sensitive skin or want a heavier, more protective foundation, go with our Sensy Rich foundation. Like our other blends, it's pure mineral powder, but it goes on rich and creamy for complete coverage and extra protection from the sun and elements.

No matter which Simple Beauty Minerals foundation you choose, rest assured that they're all 100% vegan and as pure as Nature allows.