Your Face Shape & Blush Placement

March 28, 2024 3 min read

mature woman applying blush with makeup brush.


Let's have a heart-to-heart about something that truly lights up our faces: blush!

It's like a secret weapon, adding that fresh, youthful glow we all adore.

But you know what's important? Understanding our face shapes to make the most of our blush routine.

Whether you've got an oval, long, round, square, or even a diamond/heart-shaped face (yep, there's room for us all!), I've got some tried-and-true blush placement tricks to help us embrace our natural beauty and feel fabulous at any age.

Let's dive in and add a little extra sparkle to our day 

How to determine your face shape

Standing in front of a mirror, pull your hair back, grab an erasable felt pen and trace the shape you see in the mirror. Step back, and voila, there's your face shape.

Blush Application Tips for Your Face Shape


For oval faces, anything goes in terms of blush placement. Ok, well, maybe not 'anything' anything, but you have options.

  • Apply blush either on the cheekbones or on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Mature face blush tip: Avoid smiling while applying blush to ensure it doesn't sag when the smile fades.
  • Brush along the cheekbones, and then you go up and a little bit above your brows. I call this 'the arc of color'.
  • Aim for a lifted appearance. 


A round face can be so beautiful and so charming, but if you feel like your face is
too round and you want to create some illusion of length, make some adjustments.

  • Apply blush above the cheekbones, or experiment with...
  • Placing blush 'under' the cheekbones, just above the hollow when sucking in the cheeks. This technique helps create the illusion of a less round face by adding definition to the cheekbones. Or...
  • Brush along the cheekbones, and then you go up and a little bit above your brows. I call this 'the arc of color'.



Square-shaped faces have beautiful broad foreheads and a square chin and a strong jawline.

  • Apply your cheek color under your cheekbones or on the apples of your cheek to soften the squareness of the face. Remember, no smiling to find your apples. (See Oval).
  • You could also use the 'arc of color' technique (see Oval), or you could use the traditional blush technique just on the cheekbones.



  • Apply blush sparingly on the 'apples' of the cheeks, avoiding smiling and focusing on creating lift. (See Oval).
  • Blush placement should aim to bring balance and proportion to a longer face shape.




Diamond and heart are very similar, but the diamond is a little bit narrower in the forehead and the chin and the cheekbones are the wide part. In the heart, the forehead is the wider part. 

  • Blush can be applied on the cheekbones or on the apples of the cheeks, depending on preference.
  • Play and experiement!

Mature Face Blush Placement Consideration

Always think LIFT. This is where the tip of not smiling while you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks comes in. You don't want your cheek color to fall 'down' thus bringing your look down. 


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Want more? Learn where the apples of your cheeks are and why you don't want to smile: Be sure to listen to the podcast episode: Contours And Couture; A Deep Dive Into Face Shapes And Fashion.

Watch the quick demonstration on YouTube.


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