How To Apply Mineral Makeup With Out Making A Mess

October 23, 2018 2 min read

How To Apply Mineral Makeup With Out Making A Mess

Mineral Makeup - No Mess 

"How do you keep your counter top and makeup bag clean from all the powder when using mineral makeup?"

You ask me the best questions! Thanks Lori C. and Vida J. for this one, and I hope to answer it fully for you below.

 When applying your makeup at home on your counter top 

Keep an old hand towel in your makeup drawer and pull it out when you apply your makeup. (I toss mine in the laundry every couple of weeks.) You could also use a tissue or paper towel. This really works! Pull out the jars as you need them. Concealer, then eye shadows, etc...and place them on top of the towel. As you apply your makeup, all the loose powder will fall onto the towel, as opposed to the counter top. Keep in mind, if you have too much powder spilling, you need to pick up less on your brush and tap it back into the jar. Some will fall, but it need not be excessive.

 In your makeup/travel bag

I personally don't keep loose minerals in my purse/makeup bag. I find that I don't need to touch up during the day since I began wearing minerals. The most I touch up is my lipstick. Having said that, I realize this does not suit everyone. So, if you like to touch up during the day, try these tips.

  1. Instead of moving your regular size jars from purse to bathroom counter each day, keep separate travel sizes in your purse of the products you are most likely to want to touch up with. I am happy to help supply you with mini refillable travel size jars, so please ask me.
  2. Before opening the jars, tap them lightly on a hard surface. Once open, gently shake to help the powder fall back into the sifter holes and into the jar.


Bonus Travel Tip -

I also suggest you keep separate travel size jars for your travel bag. For example, in terms of loose mineral makeup, in my travel bag, I keep a mini foundation, blush and a few staple eye shadow colors. These live in my travel bag, and it is one less thing to think about when I am packing. I do, however, toss my current mascara in my bag before I leave, as mascara needs to be replaced every four months or so.

There is also a new sifter that opens and closes. This is a fabulous solution and Simple Beauty Minerals will be sporting this clever tool in the near future.

Update: Foundation and Finish Powders are now sporting this nifty locking sifter.




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