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7 Tips To Winterize Your Skin

hot mug of tea, blanket - winterize your skin

7 Ways To Winterize Your Skin And Glow Comfortably All Year Long

In the winter months, the colder, harsher weather can wreak havoc on your skin. 

It strips off the moisture and hydration from the surface of your skin, which hinders the skin's natural barrier function.

This moisture barrier, the lipids (the skin's natural fats) are impacted and can't do their job of protecting your skin as well.

Your Winter Skin Care Wardrobe 

lisa with warm grey scarf around neck

Think about how you change your wardrobe during winter to protect yourself from the cold.

You may also need to change your seasonal skincare 'wardrobe' in the cold and harsher winter months.

Why You Want To Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Cold Weather

Colder temperatures can cause your skin to become chapped, and your lips can get raw.

Ouch! This can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Cooler weather can also aggravate psoriasis and eczema.

Excellent reasons to consider making some shifts in your winter skincare. 

Moving into richer creams and gentler products might be in order. (I say that with some hesitancy since all of our products in Simple Beauty Skin line are really gentle, but there are some products (Clear Skin Serum or Radiance Reveal) which are more 'active,' and you may need to pull back on your more active products.  


During wintertime, we need to turn our heaters on when we're inside. We feel warm and cozy, but our skin can suffer from the lack of humidity in the air. 

Humidity is generally uncomfortable for us but good for our skin! 

Add a humidifier in your bedroom to help add some moisture back into your skin while you sleep.

7 Tips for Winterizing Your Skincare

1. Keep a bottle of Calm Down Facial Oil.

I usually call this our SOS kit (Save Our Skin). It's a very soothing, calming botanical oil. Everyone should have a bottle of this at the ready. You may not use it on a regular basis, but if your skin does get irritated, chapped, and uncomfortable, you can easily treat it with Calm Down Facial Oil and use that in addition to your moisturizer. 

As for me, I use it as the last step after everything else is applied. It has the most incredible  aroma!

Read more about Calm Down here: SOS: Save Our Skin - On the Simple Beauty Blog. 

Calm Down Facial Oil

2. Go gentle with your cleansing.

If, for example, you're using the Pink Mineral Complexion Bar, maybe you need to step it down a little bit and use the Essential Mineral Gel Cleanser. If you're already using the Mineral Gel Cleanser and your skin is feeling a little taut, you may need to step it down and use the Green Tea Lotion Cleanser, which is a creamy, milky cleanser.

Perhaps, you want to stop splashing off with water and maybe just use a damp cotton pad and wipe off your skin. That will be a little gentler and more soothing for your skin ritual this time of the year. 

Another option is the Perfect Balance Cleansing Oil. It's a great choice if you're suffering from winter skin. The 3-in-One Wash Away is another great cleanser to use when suffering from winter skin. Use this with a cotton pad to cleanse your face, décolletage, chest, and even the back of your neck.    

If your skin is feeling uncomfortable for any reason, consider stepping down a little bit in your cleanser.  

Pink Mineral Complexion Bar Essential Mineral Gel Cleanser Green Tea Lotion Cleanser Perfect Balance Cleansing Oil 3-in-One Wash Away

3. Wash with lukewarm water.

Say NO to hot water. Hot water is harder on your skin. It strips off the top lipid layer. We don't want to do that, especially this time of the year.  

4. Give your lips a little extra love.

I recommend using Agave Lip Balm by Bite Beauty. It is a wonderful, thick, emollient lip balm. I use it thickly on my lips every night  before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are moist and well cared for.

During the day I slick on our organic Lip Balms if I'm not wearing a lip color. 

It's also a great idea to use a gentle scrub on your lips once or twice a week. When your lips get little dry bits, scrub your Jojoba Creme Scrub gently on your lips and wipe it off with a moist cotton pad or the reusable makeup remover pads. It's very gentle, cream-based and perfectly polished jojoba wax beads that ultimately break down.

In theory, if you wear lipstick, your lips are being protected with the waxes and oils.

Traditional lipsticks, however, have a base of petrolatum mineral oil, which is an occlusive barrier that doesn't let anything out or anything in.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is not nourishing and nurturing for your lips.

Our Simple Beauty Minerals lip products are completely made with botanicals. The colorants are minerals and the base are botanical waxes and oils, which are extremely nourishing for your tender lip skin.  

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm JOJOBA CREME SCRUB  | 20 Packs Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads  SIMPLE BEAUTY MINERALS LIPSTICKS  |
Agave Lip Balm Jojoba Creme Scrub Reusable makeup remover pads SBM Mineral Rich Lipsticks


5. Use your hydrating skin serums. 

After cleansing, toning, and exfoliating your skin, don't forget to use nourishing facial serums for extra hydration, extra antioxidant help, and an extra layer of protection for your skin. Use this under your moisturizer and sunscreen.  

6. Use a humidifier.

You may want to consider putting a humidifier in the rooms where you spend a lot of time, your bedroom, for example, to add some moisture back into the skin. Put lavender oil in the humidifier and you can get some soothing, calming benefit from that too.  

7. Get outside.

You always get that rosy glow when you go outside.

Bundle up and protect yourself -- wear your sunscreen, use a scarf, protect your ears, and go outside.

The capillaries get going and bring blood to your face. It's healthy to get blood circulating through your body and to your skin and bring oxygen to your skin.

 You get a healthy, rosy glow!

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