DIY Flower Crown Tutorial + Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow

October 23, 2018 6 min read

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial + Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial + Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

Nothing makes me think of Spring more than a beautiful, lush, blossoming flower crown.

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial + Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

And, nothing can really add that same blissful air of fairy magic and springtime wonder as a flower crown to whatever the occasion may be– in fact, making flower crowns to add into my photo shoots is one of my favorite things to do! Working with flowers is something I think everyone should get the joy to experience in their lifetime– it’s a truly beautiful experience. The delicate perfume from the blossoms, the graceful majesty of the petals, and even the gorgeous lush feel as you shape them into your floral masterpiece– it is a joy for each and every one of your senses. I learned how to make flower crowns for my wedding because I didn’t want to pay $75 for a flower crown that I could make on my own for under $10 (seriously!)– of course, once I began making them and realized how simple they really are, and how quickly they come together, I realized that I had discovered a new favorite past time!

To make a flower crown, you only need four things:

  1. Flowers (more on this in a sec!)
  2. Twine OR thick floral wire
  3. Floral tape OR thin floral wire
  4. Scissors OR wire cutters/shears

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial


Choose Your Flowers

When choosing your flowers, you will need to make sure you have some filler flowers and some fuller blooms as well– filler flowers (like baby’s breath, or other small, sturdy, and tightly packed blooms) fill up the extra space between your bigger blooms and ensure you have a full, lush, and sturdy flower crown as your end product. The other blooms that you choose can be anything your heart desires (just make sure they are not too delicate or they may fall off during binding, let alone wearing)– the flowers I used in this tutorial for Maria’s flower crown (that I borrowed afterwards for my mini-makeup tutorial!) were wax flowers and baby’s breath as my fillers, a touch of small green hydrangea as an accent, narcissus blooms as the main bloom, and I also accented a single rose to the side for a pretty touch. I used twine and floral tape for this particular crown because they were what I already had on hand, however I generally prefer to use wire because it is less bulky and it lets you get a tighter and more clean/controlled wrap. The thing to keep in mind with wire, however, is that you will need a small wire cutting tool as scissors won’t cut through the wire– however, scissors work perfectly well for twine and floral tape.


First Step - Measure. Tie. Cut.

The first step is to measure out the amount or wire or twine you need to fit around your head– and leave a tail on either end so you will have enough room to fasten it around your head when you are finished (either by tying the twine in a bow, or by hooking the wires together). I like to tie two littles knots on either end around where the twine meets at the back of my head so that I know where to begin and end my flowers. Then, I recommend you cut off at least the first batch of blooms you want to incorporate in your crown so you can work through a chunk of it without needing to stop every few seconds to cut another flower for use– and when cutting, always remember to leave enough room on the stem for it to be fastened to the crown.

Crown Making Time

Pick a piece of filler flower for the first blossom, and lay it so that the bloom flat, and so that it is facing towards the first knot with it’s stem is facing towards the rest of the crown. Secure the tape or wire around the bloom and the twine together, and wrap a couple time to secure– then add in your next bloom. I would suggest that you stick to filler flowers for the first few blooms, and then add in a bigger bloom like I show here. This will protect/pad the larger bloom, and it will also make it so that you can see it nicely. If you use a larger bloom as your first flower, it will basically end up being pressed against your head instead of being out against the crown for everyone to admire ;) 

DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Continue to wrap your flowers until they get to the second knot, at which point you can secure the tape or wire to the crown and tie it off. You can wrap some extra twine around it if you want to hide the extra stem/tape, which is what I usually like to do– unless the blossoms are so full that they are already covering it and you are happy with it all as-is :)

Ta-da! You did it!

You are now the proud owner of a gorgeous spring-time flower crown! And to further celebrate the fast-approaching bright & glowy Spring season, I also wanted to give you a quick, fun idea of how to style your new crown with some of our favorite bright, shimmery Simple Beauty Minerals colors for Spring.

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Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

Spring Mini Makeup Tutorial - Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow and Sunset Mineral Cheek Color

I picked out this absolutely beautifulPeacock Mineral Eye Shadow blue (which, as a universal color, will complement both your warm or cool skin tone! Woohoo!), as well as the gorgeously shimmery (and universally flattering)Sunset Cheek Color for this look. They are both so stunning, I even loved just watching them shimmer on my arm when I swatched them! After applying your regular mineral foundation and concealer routine, add Sunset Cheek Color with your Perfect Blush Brush (which I wanted to tell you, really lives up to the name! It applies color so evenly, and it buffs it out so perfectly– I’m always amazed! Also: So. Silky.)


Kissy Duck Lips for Blush App

I always do this weird kissy/duck lips face when I apply my blush. I know it looks super funny! But it helps me see where I want to put it, and lets me see my cheekbones so well– still, I always get a little laugh out of it! 

Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals


Add Your Neutral

Next, apply my personal favorite light shimmer neutral shadow–Champagne Ice Mineral Eye Shadow all over your lids, and then line your lower lashline using Peacock with your Fine Point Eyeliner Brush. Go ahead, really pack it on the lower lash line for a more dramatic look, but you can play around and use less or more depending on your style.

Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals


Use a bit of Ebony Black Mineral Eye Liner Pencilto your water line, and then layer your Black Magic Natural Mascara (for added thickness) with someBlackberry Ultimate Healthy Mascara over top (for added length on the tips!), as well as adding on the Sunset Cheek Color to your lips (which I then added some clear lip salve over for a subtle, pretty sheen).


And Just for Fun

Then for our final touch, to stick with the flower-crown/flower-child/flower fairy theme, I decided to add on some fun little dots right under my eye with the Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow (Which I foiled so that I would get clean lines and minimal fallout)– this is obviously super optional, but I thought it would be fun for the photos! 

Spring Makeup Ideas Featuring Peacock Mineral Eye Shadow | Simple Beauty Minerals

 We used the flower crown in today's post for a photo shoot I did with my friend Maria. Don't you think they just make everything a little extra magical? ;)[/caption] And there you have it! Flower Crown and Flower Crown-inspired makeup! Now, all you need is March 20th to roll around so we can officially step into Spring in flower-fashion ;) Abby


Abby is a recent UCSB alum and self proclaimed second-generation hippie with a passion for everything DIY, vegan snickerdoodles, and eco-friendly, sustainable living– in that order. She is happily married to all 6 ½ feet of her wonderful husband, and spends her time taking pictures and writing about about her life in tiny notebooks.  

Note from Lisa: Find a local May Day celebration, don your flower crown and dance around the May Pole! No, really. It's super fun; I can personally attest.