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Easy Updated Contouring | Over 50

easy contouring facial over 50 clean beauty

Welcome to Facial Contouring for Over 50 Faces, 101.

You can easily contour your face with just two tools -- a Contour Powder and a Contour Brush. 

contour clean mineral powder and vegan contour brush


before contour

Here I've over-exaggerated my contouring technique, pre-blending, so you can really see the placement. 


Why Contouring 

I mean, really, why go through the extra steps of contouring?

Contouring is going to give you a sculpted and lifted look. It will add dimension and depth, and it creates and accentuates your bone structure. It's a really pretty, and polished look. 

Let's take it Step by Step

  1. Apply contour to the base of your hairline, at your forehead, and then you're then going to blend it and soften it into your hairline.
    contour hairline

  2. Then, apply contour on your jawline for definition. You want to blend it downwards into your neck and blend very well on the edges.
    contour jawline

  3. Place your contour in the hollow of your cheekbones, and when you blend it out, blend upwards (this is key) for the most part. Blending upward is going to give you lift. We like lift.contour cheeks
  4. Contouring will help slim your nose. Place it on the outer edges, going up towards the inner eye and on the tip. Blend really well.
    contour nose

after contour

Wasn't that easy? You're going to try it, right?

Watch on YouTube

More on Contouring Techniques? Read This.

Watch the Replay on Facebook where I go into even more detail about contouring and highlighting for over 50 faces. 

facebook live replay contour and highlight

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