How To Apply Mineral Foundation (With Video)

October 23, 2018 4 min read

How To Apply Mineral Foundation (With Video)

Applying your loose mineral foundation can be a piece of cake, you just have to know where to start.

True, applying a mineral foundation is definitely different than how you would apply a traditional pressed powder or liquid foundation– but once you get the hang of it it’s quite possibly the quickest and easiest foundation application of them all! And lucky for you, getting the hang of it is not hard at all. With the right tools, the right foundation, and this little tutorial, you’ll find it’s a breeze!

The Right Tools

Well, first up is choosing the right foundation formulation for you. You can rest assured knowing that most of our foundations are 100% vegan (the Ultra Light Formula is not and is clearly noted as such), and do not contain any parabens, nano particles, synthetic fragrances or phthalates, bismuth oxychloride, or petroleum derivatives. However, we do offer three distinct formulations, each with their own benefits– so read on to see which is best suited to your unique needs! 

How To Apply Mineral Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Choose From 3 Formulas

If you want light and airy coverage with a super soft, light, and natural finish, our Simple Beauty Minerals Enriched Ultra Light formula is the one for you. This foundation also contains beneficial botanical skin ingredients such as green tea extract, chamomile and vitamins A and E to help nourish and soothe.

For a bit more coverage that still offers a light and weightless feel, check out Simple Beauty Minerals Perfect Cover. This foundation still overs you that feeling of light, minimal weight while stepping it up a few notches in the coverage department– plus, it is buildable so depending on how much you apply, you can get a fuller coverage look for those special occasions when you want a little extra.

Last but not least, Simple Beauty Minerals Sensy Rich delivers a complete (creamy and velvety!) full coverage finish– in loose mineral powder form– while keeping your sensitive skin happy. A win-win-win, don’t you think?


Choose Your Shade

After you’ve chosen the right Simple Beauty Minerals foundation formula, it’s time to pick out your perfect shade. (Hint: check out our in-depth tutorial on the stripe test to help guide you through finding your perfect match and make it as easy as 1-2-3!)


Choose the Right Application Tools

And… your perfect brush! The Ultimate Kabuki Brush is perfect for our Simple Beauty Minerals Enriched Ultra Light and Simple Beauty Minerals Perfect Cover foundations, while the Flat Top Buffer Brush is a match made in heaven for our Simple Beauty Minerals Sensy Rich foundation.

Alright– now that you’ve got down the basics, let’s jump into the tutorial!

1.First things first, make sure you are starting off with a “clean canvas”– that is to say, make sure your face is clean before starting off your foundation routine. Extra dirt and oils can hinder your application and won’t always leave you with the flawless application you deserve (plus, it’s just plain better for your skin!). Make sure your kabuki brush is clean, too…! 

How To Apply Mineral Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals

2. Tap a little foundation into the lid and swirl it onto your brush by making small circles with your brush and buffing it in– make sure to really work it in so it isn’t just sitting on the top of your brush waiting to fall off when you pick it up, and so that it is evenly distributed.

3. Next, tap the excess off of your brush, and then begin to blend it into your face using small circular motions to buff it into your skin. I really like to work the powder into my skin to achieve a natural look, so I spend a bit of time here buffing each section of my face with little swirly circles until I have the coverage I desire. Remember to “reload” your brush with more foundation if needed as you go!

4. From here, you can either choose to add another layer for extra and more complete coverage, finish up with a setting spray (optional, but I always do especially as I have fairly dry skin!), or finish up your look with blush, bronzer, or whatever your heart desires– or, of course, you could just finish up and be done!

How To Apply Mineral Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals

 Left: A clean canvas! Before foundation application. Right: After applying foundation (to half of my face! See below for the half face comparison shot)


(P. S. : Don’t be worried if the foundation is slightly powdery on your skin right after finishing– as it settles it will “melt” into your skin, so after it has had time to adjust and “bake” for a few minutes it will have that seamless, natural look you love.)

How To Apply Mineral Foundation | Simple Beauty Minerals Perfect Cover foundation

 The left half of my face has no makeup on... and the right side has Simple Beauty Minerals Perfect Cover foundation. Can you see the difference? :)


Application Options With Our Multi-Purpose Foundations!

But wait, that’s not all! As usual, mineral makeup gives us lots of option and foundation application is no exception... If you want to learn how to apply your foundation using the wet application method, check out this post for an in-depth tutorial on how to get the best of both worlds in your mineral foundation application.

Or, if you want to learn how to apply your foundation like a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation check out this post and learn how to get the natural mineral coverage you love– in liquid form!


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